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Blessing for Claiming the Lord Within from John Morton

Lord God, once again we present ourself just as we are, and again we breathe in and breathe out in Your love, letting go of any concerns.

Rather than approach what this blessing is by waiting upon You, let us go to You. Let us move our consciousness, move every level of our being to You, so that we are willing to change.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to be with You. We are willing to give up anything to be with You. As we make that claim, whatever comes before us to show how we stop ourselves and hold ourself back, we do ask that You would extend to us, that You would assist us in Your strength, Your guidance, Your protection so that we can and will let go of whatever limitations confront us.

We ask for Your peace so that as we again turn toward the circumstances of our life, we do meet those circumstances in the consciousness that overcomes.

We are joyful as You are joyful, truthful as You are truthful, and strong, healthy, and vibrant just as You are. We can become one with you.

Whenever we find ourselves frustrated, discouraged, hurt or angry or anything like that, we are reminded once again that it is You in whom we breathe and do all things. All things are possible.

What you bring about is everlasting change always for the better, always for the good of everyone and everything. In this moment we reach toward ourselves to again bless You, to give to You, and make an offering that is received.

We are grateful.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing for the Light that Brings Peace from John Morton

Let’s do a clearing so that we can invoke our powers to be at peace. Right where you are, place yourself in the Light that is peace. Let’s experience it as a light above our head. There it is above your head, and it has a quality that you can sense, that pours into you. So you might experience it like a liquid or a balm of some kind. It’s tangible.

You feel this light pouring into your cells. It can be one cell. It can be a whole group of cells so you feel it in your flesh and bones and your tissues. This light keeps pouring into you from the top of your head and around you so that you’re being bathed in this light that is peace, and being cleansed inwardly. It goes all the way to your feet.

This light is poured through your body and fills you. You are immersed in it. One of the sensations of this light is that you are at ease because you are protected. This light has the ability to keep things away from you so that no disturbance or irritation can come your way as you bathe in this light. This light relaxes you because you know you can let go. You experience the comforting and relaxation that integrates you so no part of you is still holding on as this light relaxes every part.

This light is a penetrating light, soothing and nurturing you. Whatever can be removed, so that you are clear and free in your consciousness, is being done and it evaporates. You don’t have to do anything. Just be present with the light. The light knows what to do and does it instantly.

Now we take our consciousness that is this peace and to visualize whatever we see is also being immersed in this light that is the peace. We know that this comes from a divine source and that we are willing to ask for it to be sent, first to those who call out for the peace. Let them be filled with it so that the work of peace can be done.

To those who do not understand that peace is present, this light goes to them and to all who are suffering or in pain, wherever there is violence and to whoever is acting in violence. This light goes to them. There’s protection. It’s done freely without infliction. So send it to the places in the world that are disturbed, where people are in conflict or there is war or there is any kind of suffering or injustice. We see this light in all places upon the planet. Let your consciousness be shown what the light is doing for each person, for all people in every situation.

There’s an important quality that you can exercise as you place this light of peace and that is to behold that it is done. So free yourself of any doubts, and place the purpose of your consciousness, that you do have this power and it is done, because you are aligned with the will of the Father. It is the will of the Father that we come to peace, that we let go of our separation and the causes of war and difficulty.

You have the power to behold harmony and understanding, to see people waking up to the power of love and realizing that this is the true nature of all, putting aside the differences, having the willingness to be first and to step forward in peace first, having the courage, the strength, and the purpose. Now we take this peace so that your consciousness is anchored in this purpose and you can go into your life more than ever before as a peacemaker, as one who comes in peace, who is willing to talk in peace and think in peace. You are being transformed and taking on a greater dedication to peace. Now we take a moment for the celebration of peace that’s in the world, and we are happy again.

As it can behold peacefulness in your consciousness, it is done.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing for the New Year from John Morton

John Morton gave this blessing at the New Year’s Resolution Spiritual Spa Day on January 1, 2012. To watch the archive of the UStream broadcast, click here.

Dear Lord, we give thanks for the opportunity to come before you as those who fully embrace all that you are. So we know there is a beginning that is your acceptance, that you have issued your creation in acceptance of all. So if you allow it, it is part of the perfection. So we have put aside our differences, whatever conflicts we have been holding. We now ask that this resolution with your blessing deepen to the very core of our being, so that whatever is our choice, we choose back freely, openly, and completely. We choose to celebrate your creation, to rejoice another day, another year before us. We rejoice in this lifetime, that we do this for ourselves, as is the responsibility to love and take care of ourself. And we also are resolved to do this for others. And yea for all of your creation, that we stand before you in the spirit, radiating this love that you are. This blessing goes to all of your creation. So we are integrated with your loving and the truth of your loving, that we proclaim clearly and fully, with all of our strength, that we do love you as has been the commandment that has come forward through the ages. And we discover you have always loved, that we are never forsaken. So all of that is dissolving from our eyes, from our inner holding. So the solution is what we are immersed in in this moment. This peace is full, this love is full, this joy is full this day. We claim ourselves as those who go forward in your love, in your light, in celebration. And when we come upon first ourselves, once again in any way forgetting that we are divine, and looking upon the distortion, in any way seeing in darkness and negativity, we ask that you may have mercy on our soul as you always have such that we are awake in your love, full in our awareness and consciousness of your love, that this is our truth that goes forth to all from us, that in our vision we can behold a world of celebration, that we can let ourself see that we are children of God in your kingdom rejoicing, knowing your will is done always and forever more.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Anchoring the Beloved by John Morton

In this moment and in the eternal moment that is always now, we claim the Beloved.  We hold it to ourself as the Presence, that it is done.
Our life purpose is fulfilled already with great patience that endures past all the trials and tribulations.  Whatever is before us while we remain in this world, we claim the Light that overcomes and always solves, restores and renews.  We put our life again into that consciousness of the Beloved that is in perfect harmony, that resonates as the Christ, that loves and gives peace to all.  
We anchor it into this place, into our body and we radiate it into the world. We let go and release whatever would be the unnecessary limitations.  
In our radiant being, we see the Beloved in all.
Baruch Bashan