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You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us (with CD)
by John Morton
Mandeville Press (2008) ISBN 9781893020467
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (July 08)

I felt such a profound sense of inner peace while reading “You Are the Blessings.” This book contains a collection of insightful meditations and reflections about our relationship to God and our own self, and topics about life in general. By learning to view life events as blessings, we can learn from them, even if they seem negative. Blessings come from the insight we gain while we are learning to overcome hardships. If we pull ourselves closer in our relationships with God, then we come out more in touch with our own Divinity.

Something that really resonated with me was a discussion that involved fear. If we open our hearts to God, and His abundance we really should not need to fear anything. Speaking of abundance, the author also reminds us that we really already have everything we need. It is our materialism that diverts our attention from this and makes us feel inadequate. This is so true for me. I know that not only do I have enough, I have more than enough, yet so many times I forget this and find myself wanting things that lose their specialness before they are paid off.
Having a close relationship with our Creator can fulfill us more than anything materialistic. Learning to appreciate what we have helps us to feel more peaceful and accepting of our lives. Reaching out to help others adds meaning to our lives and makes a difference in the lives of others. What a blessing that is for both the giver and the receiver.

Included with the text, is a CD with blessings, prayers and meditations. The words included on this CD are so insightful. Each track has a connection to pieces of the book. It is wonderful to be able to relax and just listen. It was such a gift to be able to both read the book and listen to the CD. I discovered a sense of peace within myself that I haven’t felt in a while. The book will definitely provide a tremendous amount of material for journaling. I highly recommend that you get “You are the Blessings” by John Morton as a gift for yourself and for someone else.

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“I have your new book and I just love it. I have it on my headboard and before I go to sleep at night I read a passage from it. It’s a wonderful way to culminate the day. I think your book is already a best seller.”

– Judy Jackson

“The Blessings Already Are brims with infectious gratitude for so much that we take for granted in our hurried lives. The book shows how living in a state of gratitude is truly living in a state of grace.”

– Arianna Huffington
Syndicated Columnist and
Author of The Fourth Instinct

“When I pick up the book, or even if simply looking at it on the table — this wave of energy comes around me and the book — like a sacred, blessing energy. It feels good having it around — even though I’m not actually reading it in those moments!”

– K.G., Los Angeles, CA

“I read the first hundred pages as if I were the driest sponge soaking up water. Your writing, your ideas and the feelings that permeate your pages helped more than I can express. Thank you. You have written a truly great book.”

– Dr. Jay N. Gordon M.D.

“John Morton truly communicates with beauty, strength, and loving. His heartfelt blessings are profound reminders of Spirit’s ever-present power and grace. Reading these blessings has served as wonderful beginning to my days.”

– Stu Semigran
EduCare Foundation, President

“I am often amazed at the eloquence with which Spirit speaks through John Morton. To me, he expresses profound beauty and poetry while touching me deeply at the heart of my hurts, cares and concerns. His words will play back, sometimes for weeks, with resounding truth, directing and redirecting me into greater alignment with my purpose here as a Soul.”

– Rachael Morgan
Teen Insight Coordinator,
Insight Southern California

“John Morton is an inspirational guide who, through speaking the universal language of the heart, brings forward an easy understanding and reminder of how we can connect with our own Spirit, with one another, and with receiving the abundance of blessings that are already present and awaiting each of us.”

– Marla Ludwig

“John Morton is one of the clearest, most neutral, individuals I have had the blessing to encounter. He sees what has to be done, and does it. He has proven to be a great role model for me.”

– Philémon Paquette
Management Consultant
Paquette Consulting

“The personal strengths that John brings to his blessings inspire me to recognize and live from a greater sense of my own value.”

– Anne Naylor
Author: Superlife, Superlove, and SuperYou

“These blessings stir the Spirit inside. When I read them I am reminded once again that God is present in every moment.”

– Mark Lurie

“John Morton’s blessings are a gift for the soul. Read his book and your life may never be the same.”

– Candy Semigran
Author: One-Minute Self-Esteem:
Caring for Yourself and Others

“John Morton always takes me to the better part of me, to the place I really want to be looking, working, and living from.”

– Stede Barber
Editor, New Day Herald

“I’ve heard John Morton speak many times. He touches my heart with his words. And there is an underlying quality that I find of even greater value: an essence of complete, unvarnished honesty.”

– R. L. Griesinger Colonel,
U.S. Air Force, retired

“As I experienced the heart of John Morton I found within myself more peace, compassion, acceptance and loving.”

– Elliott Derek Polit

“John has a gentle wisdom which he shares without pretense. It is something we can all partake of. It requires no special talent or understanding – just a willingness to feel good about life for a while. And, in the process learn something about ourselves and the Divinity which is an essential part of us.”

– Leigh Merrihew Hamel
Licensed Professional Counselor/Art Therapist

“John Morton is a living and breathing example of a “Spiritual Warrior,” someone who puts all his faith in Spirit while taking full responsibility for his experience on the planet. Never before have I experienced a spiritual teacher who is walking the talk as John does. His words of wisdom have and will always have an important place in my heart.”

– Anne Geismann,
Cross-Cultural/Psychological Consultant

“John Morton’s book is a simple and elegant expression of the glory and majesty of spirit in everyday life. He finds Spirit everywhere, and thanks to him, so do we.”

– Rachelle Zazzu

“John Morton is a simple man who speaks a simple truth. The other day, a schoolteacher commented to me, “I wish I could clone your children.” I smiled and was grateful for the approach to parenting I have learned from John. It is this: honor each person, child or adult, as a Soul who has come from God, and is here to learn.”

– Karen Michelle Powell