The Blessings Already Are

by John Morton

This is a book of inspiration and upliftment; a book that can expand your awareness and your definitions of all the situations life throws at us. It is a book that conveys the essence of Spirit in us all. It is a source of living blessings. Whatever your religious or spiritual approach – The Blessings Already Are can awaken the truth in your heart.

“Manifesting the blessings is not really anything that is complicated or even difficult. Clear out what is not serving you or no longer actively being utilized. Give and share joyously. Receive graciously. Make amends. Adorn yourself first with inner beauty so the outer beauty may benefit from your best intentions.

Contribute more than you take. Make each place you find yourself better than you found it. Be an abundant source of good tidings to and from God. In short, let go and let God.”
– John Morton