You Are the Blessings

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You Are The BlessingsYou Are the Blessings

Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us by John Morton, DSS

Newest release from John Morton. What if you discovered that it is your destiny to be blessed? Are you ready to allow more blessings to come forward in your Life? If you are, this book will serve you to become more aware, and claim your blessings. Know you are indeed worthy to be blessed. It is always your choice.

As the sub-title describes, the book delivers a wealth of reflections, meditations, blessings, prayers and poems for upliftment and inspiration. often in a few lines, rarely more than a page, these gems of spiritual wisdom provide stimulus for limitless contemplation. At the same time, much of what is presented is eminently practical and can be immediately put into practice by the reader to create greater happiness and fulfillment in life. The content is both lighthearted and deep. Many of the concepts are sure to be copied and put up on the mirror for constant reminder. The information is easily accessible and timeless. this is a book that will never be dated or out of vogue. Finalist 2008 Category SPIRITUALITY

The book covers a broad range of spiritually focused topics in bite-sized chunks. organized by topic, the book is a ready reference and an excellent supplement for any class or course on spiritual thought. CD is included of meditations and blessings by John Morton

“This book is a blessing. One reads it to enter into the soul’s high purpose and comes away ignited with the blessing of spiritual communion, a gifting of grace, a deep knowing of one’s true relation to God. John Morton offers us the genius of one who has dwelt in the spiritual fires, honed his heart into the utter simplicity of one who receives the Spirit as a natural moment by moment gift. That is why this precious book is so important in a time in which the well being of all requires that treasures of Heaven must be brought to Earth.”–Dr. Jean Houston, Best-Selling Author & Researcher

“Now in whatever ways you live your life in this world, always know you are the Blessings.”–John Morton

You Are the Blessings: An Introduction