Sharing the Blessings – from Nigeria

……WOW..after I read the book from front to back, I don’t feel like closing it because it touched me so much. I appreciate all the contributors to the book, to make it a reality. And also I will say great “kudos” to the author. I am glad that I am among the people that is reading this wonderful and life transforming book. I am sure so many people will come to read more in this book…….Here in Nigeria I have a list of people queue to read the book. Where do I start from? But sure it will go around because it will touch them as well.Thank you, John Morton, for giving us the wonderful inspiration from God. ~ Balogun Kasim from Nigeria

Thank you John Morton for the words of comfort for a challenging period in my life.After reading the book,You Are The Blessings I was so happy inside that I feel that I have been save from my world that I think it as collapse.I am grateful to everybody that make the book available in Nigeria.I cry of joy down my chest is say a big thank you to all who have contributed to make the book available in Nigeria. Thank you Terilee for your support to us. Thank you Kasim, the seminar leader for your kindness and love with us. Thank you God for being with me………..~ SANNI DAVID (Nigeria)
I have never want to hear anything about MSIA from Kasim, but when i saw him reading the book I was like is one of the MSIA materials which they teach them what is not in the Bible. One mind say to me read the book……..I decided to beg Kasim for the book,in is natural way he will be very willing to give to you with all joy. When I finish reading the book I could not laugh, I could not cover, I could not cry. Inside me a great sense of contentment was steer up. I love the book. ~ James Igbanga

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