A Blessing for Courage from John Morton

Lord God, we ask right now that you assist each of us to let go of any interference and anything that would restrict or block us unnecessarily or cause misunderstanding or confusion.

We place all of that in the Light that it may be lifted.

We trust that what You bring forward to us is a clear view into Your living truth which is unconditional love, the love of Your creation. May we fully see, hear and know what that is.

With our trust, our acceptance, and our cooperation, we put aside whatever we have placed in any way that can interfere.

We surrender to that which is Your will, the will that considers the highest good of all concerned, to the smallest and to the greatest dimension.

We know that this is an eternal request, a request of the Soul, as we fulfill our purpose in this world and what we came here to do in love.

We are open to Your guidance, however that takes place within us, in whatever way You can reflect that guidance to us.

We come to You in the innocence and purity of children. We come to You in the willingness to learn, so we are humble.

We ask for Your courage, Your strength, and whatever willingness is required of each of us so we may fully participate.

If we find ourselves being tested, in any way experiencing our own resistance, the resistance of others or wherever it might be, we ask to have the openness to face it and to draw upon what we can do in our own way to cooperate with You and what You offer to us as Your blessings.

We strive to be in alignment with the truth that is before us.

We come in forgiveness. We come in the Light.

We come in the eternal trust that You have placed in us from the beginning.

With our dedication and our willingness to consecrate ourselves to this sacred purpose, we accept Your will is done.

So be it.

Baruch Bashan

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