Blessing for Claiming the Lord Within from John Morton

Lord God, once again we present ourself just as we are, and again we breathe in and breathe out in Your love, letting go of any concerns.

Rather than approach what this blessing is by waiting upon You, let us go to You. Let us move our consciousness, move every level of our being to You, so that we are willing to change.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to be with You. We are willing to give up anything to be with You. As we make that claim, whatever comes before us to show how we stop ourselves and hold ourself back, we do ask that You would extend to us, that You would assist us in Your strength, Your guidance, Your protection so that we can and will let go of whatever limitations confront us.

We ask for Your peace so that as we again turn toward the circumstances of our life, we do meet those circumstances in the consciousness that overcomes.

We are joyful as You are joyful, truthful as You are truthful, and strong, healthy, and vibrant just as You are. We can become one with you.

Whenever we find ourselves frustrated, discouraged, hurt or angry or anything like that, we are reminded once again that it is You in whom we breathe and do all things. All things are possible.

What you bring about is everlasting change always for the better, always for the good of everyone and everything. In this moment we reach toward ourselves to again bless You, to give to You, and make an offering that is received.

We are grateful.

Baruch Bashan

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