Blessing for the New Year from John Morton

John Morton gave this blessing at the New Year’s Resolution Spiritual Spa Day on January 1, 2012. To watch the archive of the UStream broadcast, click here.

Dear Lord, we give thanks for the opportunity to come before you as those who fully embrace all that you are. So we know there is a beginning that is your acceptance, that you have issued your creation in acceptance of all. So if you allow it, it is part of the perfection. So we have put aside our differences, whatever conflicts we have been holding. We now ask that this resolution with your blessing deepen to the very core of our being, so that whatever is our choice, we choose back freely, openly, and completely. We choose to celebrate your creation, to rejoice another day, another year before us. We rejoice in this lifetime, that we do this for ourselves, as is the responsibility to love and take care of ourself. And we also are resolved to do this for others. And yea for all of your creation, that we stand before you in the spirit, radiating this love that you are. This blessing goes to all of your creation. So we are integrated with your loving and the truth of your loving, that we proclaim clearly and fully, with all of our strength, that we do love you as has been the commandment that has come forward through the ages. And we discover you have always loved, that we are never forsaken. So all of that is dissolving from our eyes, from our inner holding. So the solution is what we are immersed in in this moment. This peace is full, this love is full, this joy is full this day. We claim ourselves as those who go forward in your love, in your light, in celebration. And when we come upon first ourselves, once again in any way forgetting that we are divine, and looking upon the distortion, in any way seeing in darkness and negativity, we ask that you may have mercy on our soul as you always have such that we are awake in your love, full in our awareness and consciousness of your love, that this is our truth that goes forth to all from us, that in our vision we can behold a world of celebration, that we can let ourself see that we are children of God in your kingdom rejoicing, knowing your will is done always and forever more.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Tamsin Rothschild says:

    I love and adore you…as per your resolution, you are a powerful creator. Thank you for showing how to keep moving to the love.

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