Blessing of Sweet Surrender by John Morton

Lord God, here we are again, presenting ourselves such as we are.   We take a moment to pause, so You may stir what is unconscious in the way that is of the truth, of our higher nature.  
We ask that You simply point out to us anything that we could sacrifice.  If there is resistance from our perceptions, we ask that You assist in the way of understanding so we may freely let go and trust that You are leading us constantly.

We come into a consciousness to be Your students, to learn from Your exampleship.   May we put aside whatever we have held as beliefs that are not true, that function in illusion.

Bathe us, cleanse us. Let us freely give up any darkness, any attachment in whatever does not serve.  
For those of us who are exhausted, tired, frustrated, or in any way shut down, we ask for Your strength and healing to continue with enthusiasm and joy.  You are the Lord that restores, redeems, and makes new again.  
For some of us, You show that we must forgive. We must release the judgments if we are to behold Your mercy and grace.

We can see those who are our friends, the ones we know who come from Spirit, are gathering around us and holding light and love, sustaining until we do let go.
We understand that all of Your creation, whatever has gone before in our existence, is converted into our friend in all these experiences.

Stand tall inside of us as our wisdom, our knowledge and our liberation.  
You stand before us as the one we know as the Christ and the Traveler, and with all those who share in that way.
Sweet surrender.

Baruch Bashan

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