Extending the Blessings of Loving by John Morton

We all have the conscious opportunity to extend and expand love by being aware that loving is always present. Even when we don’t necessarily think something is loveable, love is there.  So remember to bring the love to the little things.  First, for yourself.  So take care of yourself and extend loving first to yourself to make sure it’s intact.
I often talk about starting out the day doing what I consider a check list where I engage in the light and love.  My life doesn’t always allow me to have an extended period of time doing so.  Sometimes I just have a few moments and that’s about it.  But it’s essential to me to take that opportunity to engage myself inwardly spiritually first thing when I awaken.  So I ask to surround, fill and extend the light and love into my day as I move forward.  I remember that the light goes before me and prepares the way. And all the things that come during the day, expected or unexpected, wanted or unwanted, are part of that light action.  
At times, I find myself tested because I don’t necessarily register that I like or love everything.  So it’s important to engage my own trust and faith that any situation or circumstance is of God, and therefore, is loved.  We are always loved by God, and God’s loving is limitless. God’s loving doesn’t stop upon any condition. So in the very smallest to the very greatest, God is loving.

To look for God is to look to the loving, consider the loving, and find your loving and the loving of all. When you take exception and say something isn’t worthy of loving,
you’re saying that it is not of God. The willingness to look for the love, to focus on the loving, is the greatest key I know to discovering who God is. And whenever you choose loving, you bless yourself and everything around you with God’s love.

Extend your love to others, especially if you happen to notice that somebody doesn’t seem to be loving themselves. That’s an important time to extend your love, which can be very a quiet process where you just silently love them in your own way.  However, extending your love can also be quite demonstrative.

A friend of mine told me about an experience he had while standing in the back of a grocery line, waiting to get to the cashier. There was a mother nearby with her young son who was acting up and being his free self in a way that the mother didn’t find appropriate or agreeable.  So the mother was letting the boy know her disagreement with him, and she became more and more loud and demonstrative.  My friend found the situation disturbing and uncomfortable, first for himself and then for others in the line as well.  He said the situation became so loud and demonstrative that the next lines over were also becoming disturbed by the exchange. He didn’t really know what to do about it but felt like he was building up  to doing something. So he moved away from his spot in the line to a couple of aisles over where he was then standing by himself.  Then he yelled, “KINDNESS!”

He was rather startled because actually the attention of everybody then went towards him, including the mother and the little boy.  People actually looked at him and smiled, and he sensed their gratitude in their silent messages that suggested, “Thank you. We needed that.”
Loving knows no bounds or barriers. We are the ones who choose to allow circumstances and perceptions to interrupt our experience of the loving. Love is never stopped. Love is present always. At times, we may decide that loving is absent. We are then called upon to find our trust and faith in loving. We are to be patient and keep our willingness and trust that a new experience of loving is forthcoming.

Difficulty can occur if we carry a negative attitude towards what we are experiencing. Consider that whenever you are involved with someone or something that you find loveless, unlovable, or where love would not go, that is only because you perceive it that way, not because it’s true. You can change your perceptions. In actuality, such a person or situation needs loving more than ever. Be heroic in your loving, knowing God is already completely loving and is waiting for you to join in.

Challenge yourself to seek, find, and choose the loving. Then you will create more opportunities to better know yourself through the blessings of loving.

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