Our Souls by John Morton

In You Are the Blessings I wrote, “Our response to the conditions of life may be very dysfunctional, yet the Soul is always thriving, using everything for its learning, growth and upliftment. The Soul thrives on life. Every condition, every occurrence, every part serves to nurture and expand the radiation of the Soul. That is the power of the Soul. It takes every bit of negativity and converts it into God’s love. That love is a constant blessing.”

There is a purpose in the way the world has been created that is serving your soul. There is a purpose in the way you have been created exactly. There are no mistakes. All the conditions in your life are on purpose because they are of God and loved unconditionally.

The true nature of loving is unconditional. How far does “unconditional” go? It is infinite. That means your ability to be loving towards yourself is infinite. God’s love for you is infinite and unconditional. Come into the truth and rejoice in the truth of who you are as a loving soul, beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan

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