Sharing “You Are the Blessings” – from John Morton

What would be going on with our world if the information in “You Are the Blessings” was massively popular? Why this book and not what was written in many classics? Good questions. Maybe it has to do with a time long-awaited that has come once again.

Now and then I check again for new approaches to what we are doing in MSIA to assist people in finding their source of Soul Transcendence. It’s natural for this process to involve many people preparing, cooperating and making the effort. Many people have already commented favorably both with the information in “You Are the Blessings” and the effort being taken to bring the book to more people. The book reaching larger numbers of people tends to mean more blessings on the planet. With more of us living in this truth, we could state to whomever or whatever is present, “You Are the Blessings.” — John Morton

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