Spirit and our Humanness by John Morton

Inside of you, in the Spirit, is the place of highest regard and adoration towards you. It’s the place of the Lord, the God of us all. It’s amazing that we would cut ourself off from the awareness of that divine presence, but it’s very human. It’s part of our ordinariness.

In our humanness, we may function in judgment, disillusionment, and disturbance. Knowing that about ourselves, we can raise our consciousness by treating it like a wayward child. Rather than punishing or being harsh with yourself, do those things that are loving towards yourself. Do them for the glory of the Spirit within you. Love yourself as a testimony to the Lord, as the beloved child of God that you are.

Baruch Bashan

2 Responses to “Spirit and our Humanness by John Morton”

  1. Irene says:

    I knew Id finally find the perfect guidance for me . Been a tough few days.And here it is. no punishment , like the world often gives, but the loving and glory of God we are. thanks so much John. Love you xx

  2. Clara Isabel rodriguez says:

    este es un regalito

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