From Theresa Hocking in New MexicoMost public libraries are cooperative with book purchase suggestions from the public.

a) suggestion box in library;
b) online form on library web page (find your library or look
on your city website for link);
c) give information to library assistant at circulation counter;
d) ask to speak to a librarian (most librarians work behind the scenes – not at the front counter – the exception is the reference desk which is usually staffed by a librarian).

Then “borrow” the book (even if you have copies at home) – this establishes a circulation record which is reviewed at the time of “book weeding” – removing books from the collection to make room for new purchases – popular books are kept longer than unpopular books.

The suggestion for doing this came from Tatiana Jimenez. I immediately requested the book via my library web page. As soon as the book was available, I was notified, went to the library and
borrowed the book.

If you know someone who has a store — almost any kind of store — ask them to carry You Are the Blessings. Tell them it is a great gift item. Give them a copy as a sample if you are so inclined.

Write in to Oprah requesting she do a show about the book. You can easily do this with a mouse click at Scroll down the left-hand column and you’ll see the place to click.

Ask your doctor, dentist or haircutter if you can donate a book for their waiting room. If they are okay with that, check back from time to time to se if it’s still there. If it’s gone, replace it with a new copy.

Send the Light or seed for You Are the Blessings becoming a “best seller.”
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