Blessing of Abundance (Audio)

Abundance Reflection by John Morton

Imagine what you can become even if you do not see how to apply yourself now. Imagining works to create. Look for the next steps involved in creating what you want. Tune in to the enthusiasm that comes with your experience of making progress. Find how you can best cooperate so that your experience is more joy, more peace, more understanding and so that your life becomes a greater contribution to all. Know that there is nothing to fear. Convert fear to your friend by confronting it through greater strength and trust. Invite fear into conversation. Find how fear brings to you your next steps for your upliftment and growth. Be patient as you hold for each step to come forward in ways that work for you and with whatever is needed. Be open to all the blessings in store for you in the ways and timing of the Lord. Inside of you, there is a place of tremendous richness, a vast array of beautiful treasures and riches, enough for everyone and more than you can behold. Understand that what you can behold is yours. So if you can see it, it is yours. There is no limit on what you can behold. So do not even consider the limit. God offers you the kingdom, and throughout all this kingdom there is no lack. There is no limit. Understand your abundance, your wealth of consciousness. Behold yourself and everything as precious of God, as the blessings of God, and give thanks.