Cool New Ideas for Promoting YOU ARE THE BLESSINGS

Here are a couple ideas for taking advantage of some opportunities on, plus a couple extra tidbits for your consideration.Also, the three internet Webcasts with John Morton are based on the You Are the Blessings book. Join us online and view new format hosted by Leigh Taylor Young.


• Write a review on Amazon & give the book a good rating.

It’s easy to do — just go to and enter You Are the Blessings in the search box. When it comes up, click on the cover, then scroll down the resulting page to Customer Reviews. You will see a place to click to write your own review.

If you do this, write from your heart. Be honest about your thoughts and feelings about the book. In short, be genuine. It will be a fine review if you do that.

• Another thing you can do with Amazon is to write reviews on other books you’ve enjoyed — like those of Eckhart Tolle — and mention You Are the Blessings in it as one of your favorite books.


Angel Gibson found this interesting information and passes it along in case any of us are interested in getting involved:

Within the last two years, several social networking sites designed specifically for bibliophiles have appeared on the web-dar, with the major players being Goodreads and Shelfari. Like Facebook and MySpace, users sign up for an account, post a profile, and add friends, but in this case, the goal is to create personalized online bookshelves and find reading recommendations based on friends’ shelves and reviews.

Time magazine ranked Goodreads #5 on their 2007 Top 10 websites list, and for good reason–the site appeals not only to the technologically inclined, but also type-A personalities who like to maintain lists, voracious readers who like to browse their friends’ virtual shelves for recommendations, and book clubs looking for an easy way to communicate with members.

Both sites provide easy–and free–ways for your authors and for readers to connect with readers and the literary community. Authors can quickly post a bio, create a list of their published works, spread the word about signings, and share excerpts, among other things.



Used correctly, these opportunities can create lasting relationships between readers and authors and increased exposure, hopefully resulting in future sales. However, authors and “friends” must be reminded to exercise caution and not treat this as an open invitation to send out mass e-mails or randomly add “friends” they don’t know. No one likes to receive unsolicited mail–especially in an online book haven!–and doing so may result in ill-will.

Seed for the success of You Are the Blessings.

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