More New Ideas for Promoting YOU ARE THE BLESSINGS

Do a Mass E-Mailing about the Blessings Book to your friends and network – and put a picture of the book and your favorite quote from the book with a link to—

Another thing many people are doing is creating their email signature with an image of the book cover, their favorite quote from the book — which they change from time to time — and the message “Buy You Are the Blessings at”

Interesting tidbit:
If you buy You Are the Blessings at with a current best-seller — like Eckhart Tolle’s new book — AND enough people buy the same two books together, then the computer system starts to list You Are the Blessings as an “also bought” book when that bestseller is clicked on. In other words, if enough people do this, then when new people purchase the Tolle book, the Amazon computer automatically displays a message saying something like: People who liked this book also purchased You Are the Blessings.

Of course, there are no guarantees that enough people will purchase both books together, however this is information for you to know about.

If you have a website, add a link to or website. We will be continuing to update these websites with events and special promotions/offers.

Seed for the success of You Are the Blessings.

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