This is the very first Mandeville exPress post sharing the ideas that the members of this community, have sent in.

So, here goes.

  • Tom Boyer in Santa Barbara suggests a “Pay It Forward” approach for getting the Blessings Book out into the world. His idea:

Buy a couple copies of the book, put in a special gift card, and give the books to two friends.

On the card he suggests a message card saying something like:
“This book was purchased and given to you by someone who sees you as a blessing in their life. If you value what you received, please purchase a copy of this book and give it to another that is a blessing in your life.”

RESULTS: One person Tom gave the book to responded with an obligatory thank you. The second person wrote to Tom that she would be reading the book for the rest of her life and that she had already purchased several copies for friends.

VARIATION: Buy some books and leave them around at places like bus benches. Include a card saying something like: “This is a book for you. If you enjoy it, please keep it. And, if you are so moved, please purchase another copy and leave it out with a message similar to this one, for another person to find and enjoy.”

  • Spread the word about You Are the Blessings in chat rooms and blogs. Chat up the book
  • Send the Light to You Are the Blessings becoming a “best seller.”

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