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Finding the Blessings: You Are the Blessings

Finding the Blessings:
You Are the Blessings in the Challenge

By John Morton, D.S.S.
Think of a challenge in your life and ask yourself, “What is the blessing?” Take a moment to consider that this difficulty may be a blessing in disguise.  Be open to seeing the answer in a way that includes you as the blessings.  You are integral to the blessings. There’s nothing separating you from the blessings.  
As you look for the blessings, be willing to sacrifice old ways of thinking such as, “I’m wrong. I’m not good enough. I can’t do it.  It’s not worth it.”  Give up any negative point of view that says, “No, there aren’t any blessings here.”  Let go of those doubts.  Consider it a small price to pay in order for you to experience the blessings.  
As you let go of your denial and look for the good, you’re allowing yourself to be shown the blessings. All that you need to do is to bring your awareness to the truth of your being — you are the blessings.  
Sometimes I have tried to convince myself that looking for the good will not work.  I have thought that a situation or a person was bad, wrong or evil.  Regardless of how bad or wrong I have perceived something, I still have an opportunity to look for the good in the midst of my “bad” experience.
At times, I say to myself, “See the good.  See the Divine.  At the same time, I also find myself saying, “No, I do not want to look for the good.”  I realize I am wrestling within myself between the good that already is and my not wanting to look for it.
When I do look for the good, the blessings appear to me. Then I realize how silly I have been to even attempt to focus on the bad or negative.  I may feel embarrassed and even amused.  I then have to admit how bad, wrong, or foolish I was to judge the situation or the person.  I may also have my self-judgments to deal with.  But at least I’ve gotten my focus back with me to my learning and growth and the good that is present. It is much easier to deal with challenges this way.  Rather than judging, I choose to accept the situation as well as myself in my learning.

Attempting to place the problem outside of me and blaming others is futile. When I bring the responsibility back with me and how I am choosing to look at things, situations become easier to manage.  I feel more confident and secure as I approach my challenges because I am coming from a place of trust in my source that all that is coming forward is for my greater good.
Looking for the good does not necessarily feel good every time.  So when I feel uncomfortable, upset or disturbed, I ask myself, “What or who am I judging in this situation?  Am I judging myself?  Have I forgotten the good that is present?”
Do the best you can with your life situation, including those times when you don’t consciously understand or have a clear sense of the blessings. We are learning to trust ourselves and our source.  So remember to relax and be patient. There is value in learning to wait. Waiting can help you prepare for when the opportunity actually becomes available for your choosing.
As you endure, steer clear of judging your process.  Judgments can distract us and cause us to  waste opportunities. Trust your process and the challenges you face.  Know that your eternally loving source is bringing to you experiences and blessings that are important in the timing that is best for you.  You can always choose to be looking for the good and the greater good to become.
Trust that your life always has opportunities to better know and understand what God is doing with you and all of us here in this world. You can trust that God understands that you want more enjoyment, that you want to contribute and participate in making your life work in ways that are happy and fulfilling.  You are an infinite source of blessings.  You are in the process of realizing the blessings are already in motion and becoming the reality of your life more fully as you choose the greater good. 

Finding the Blessings: The Blessings Already Are

Finding the Blessings: The Blessings Already Are
By John Morton, D.S.S.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized that everything in your life is a blessing? Even the most challenging situations are blessings too?   Have you ever considered that you are the blessings in your challenges?  
Everything in our lives is presented to us in some way as a blessing, including the nature of ourselves. When we choose to love, accept, and cooperate with whatever is presented to us, then we are relating to everything as blessings.  

What is a blessing? For me, blessings mean greater good.  Goodness already exists within you and me, in everyone, and in the world around us.  Goodness is a given.  It is who we are.  
Along with the goodness present now is greater good yet to become.  So we always have an opportunity to realize the greater good, to realize the blessings that already are. It can be a turning point in your life when you decide, “My life is going to be about the greater good, about finding the blessings.” It’s simply a matter of how you choose to look at each situation and yourself.
I refer to ten blessings identified by John-Roger, D.S.S. — loving, caring, sharing, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, abundance, riches and touching.  All these blessings, every single one and many more that relate to them, are present all the time. As we become more aware of the blessings, we then allow the blessings to manifest.  That’s because the source of the blessings is always present.  
It doesn’t matter to me what you call your source.  You can call it God, Holy Spirit, Higher Power, Inner Master or whatever you like.  The source of the blessings is an eternally loving presence within you that goes by all kinds of names.  It breathes with you and walks with you.  It already knows all about you and loves and adores you as you are.  Everyone has this eternally loving source within them, including you.
You can realize the blessings when you accept, enjoy, and appreciate all the conditions in your life as somehow part of the great perfection on your path of awareness of who you truly are.  So it’s up to each one of us to choose.  It’s our choice to become more aware of the blessings that come from that loving source.  
By accepting that the conditions in my life right now are perfect for me, I am choosing to trust that the blessings already are.  Rather than thinking, “Oh, I made a big mistake,” or “This cannot be on my path,” or “This cannot be a blessing,” I see each experience as adding to me and my learning and growth.  So I choose to accept that everything in my life is presented to me from my source for my greater good.
I’m not saying you have to like everything that you experience.  I don’t like everything I experience. However, I’m suggesting that no matter what happens, something in each experience has value and often great value for us, more than we might first consider.  So I encourage you not to draw your first conclusion about a situation or challenge.  Be open as much as you can. The greater blessings are often something that we don’t initially see.
When I see challenges in this world that appear to defy the greater good or deny the blessings, I consider they are just ways of testing us to see if we will trust even more than we already have.  At times, choosing the blessings can take tremendous courage, clarity and conviction.  We may be called upon to be patient and endure more than we imagined we could.  When we do, we can then discover our strength more fully and completely.  We can find a greater love than we knew possible.  With confidence and trust, we can then look to every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow and know our goodness even more.  
Whenever a challenge is presented to us so we can choose to learn to be more loving and caring, to be more accepting and compassionate, to forgive more fully and completely. Perhaps we are simply learning to know we are the blessings, the ones already present regardless of conditions and the ones coming forward as we are patient and enduring with looking for the blessings.  
How do we find the blessings?  Through our trust in that eternally loving source by staying open to seeing the greater good.  So when we are faced with any challenge, we can ask within to realize and be more aware of the blessings.  In my experience, when I ask my source to help me understand and realize what is for the greater good, I am shown the blessings.
I find that the deepest, most meaningful aspects of my life are ones that may first appear to be ordinary and inconsequential. Maybe I realize what a blessing it is to have shoes on my feet and clothes on my back.  Perhaps I’m aware that I have people who I care about and who care about me.   Sometimes it’s as simple and as vital as, “I’m alive. I’m breathing.  I’m here.”
The blessings already are, so take this moment to look for the good and seek the greater good yet to become.

You Are the Blessings: Reflection on Listening

You Are the Blessings: Reflection on Listening from wundermom7 on Vimeo.