Our Souls by John Morton

In You Are the Blessings I wrote, “Our response to the conditions of life may be very dysfunctional, yet the Soul is always thriving, using everything for its learning, growth and upliftment. The Soul thrives on life. Every condition, every occurrence, every part serves to nurture and expand the radiation of the Soul. That is the power of the Soul. It takes every bit of negativity and converts it into God’s love. That love is a constant blessing.”

There is a purpose in the way the world has been created that is serving your soul. There is a purpose in the way you have been created exactly. There are no mistakes. All the conditions in your life are on purpose because they are of God and loved unconditionally.

The true nature of loving is unconditional. How far does “unconditional” go? It is infinite. That means your ability to be loving towards yourself is infinite. God’s love for you is infinite and unconditional. Come into the truth and rejoice in the truth of who you are as a loving soul, beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan

Spirit and our Humanness by John Morton

Inside of you, in the Spirit, is the place of highest regard and adoration towards you. It’s the place of the Lord, the God of us all. It’s amazing that we would cut ourself off from the awareness of that divine presence, but it’s very human. It’s part of our ordinariness.

In our humanness, we may function in judgment, disillusionment, and disturbance. Knowing that about ourselves, we can raise our consciousness by treating it like a wayward child. Rather than punishing or being harsh with yourself, do those things that are loving towards yourself. Do them for the glory of the Spirit within you. Love yourself as a testimony to the Lord, as the beloved child of God that you are.

Baruch Bashan

All is Loved by John Morton

In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God declares with each progressive day of creation, “It was good” (Genesis 1). There is a divine authority placed within each of us to claim the blessings of unconditional loving through our trust and faith in the intrinsic good in everything. Even if you do not recognize that divine presence right now, it is present. The Light and love are present always.

We may not necessarily like all our circumstances. We’re tested in our personalities, our minds, and our egos. So it’s important to engage your trust and faith that each situation and experience is of the Light and love. Everything that comes forward in your day is from God and therefore inherently good and loved unconditionally. Even when you don’t like something, remember “This too is loved.” Remember, you too are loved.

You might ask yourself, “Am I loving this? Am I loving myself?” Take a moment to pause and listen. Maybe you’ll realize you need to get yourself engaged inwardly because outwardly you’re already reacting negatively. If you are, then move inwardly into the Spirit and re-instill that love is your foundation. Love is who you are and what you are, regardless of what is done or said or anything that happened.

Move into full commitment to love and care for yourself as you are. Could you have a relapse? Well, of course. But with good awareness about yourself, you can say, “I’ve already done that. I don’t need to do that again.” Through your courage and patience, and by remembering who you are spiritually, you can stop the pattern that puts you down and finds fault with yourself.

Baruch Bashan

Gratitude by John Morton

       Begin the day by getting yourself in a consciousness of gratitude. There is a reason God is bringing a challenge to you. You can ask inside, “Help me to understand, Lord. What is it I am to learn?” Some days you just have to do the best you can. So say, “Thank you, Lord,” and choose to handle the situation as best you can with what you know and the conditions present.

       As you start the day, first surround and fill yourself with Light and love. You can do this as a prayer to God, an invocation of the Light, or through your creative imagination. Then, extend the Light into your day as you see yourself moving forward in the world. During the day, remember that the Light goes before you and prepares the way. All the things that come forward in your day, expected or unexpected, wanted or unwanted, are part of that Light action which is always present within you.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing for the New Year – from John Morton

Dear God, we ask for Your light here for all of us gathered. This is the Light of the Christ and the Holy Spirit, and the consciousness of the Traveler, the beloved friend and wayshower. We give thanks for John-Roger being with us through the Spirit, and send him blessings of Light and love for his well-being and whatever would serve his consciousness on all levels. We give thanks for preparing the way for us and assisting us, again and again.

For each one gathered here we ask for Your blessing, that You will surround, fill and protect each of us as we go forward from this point into this new year.

We extend that blessing to all that is here on the planet to teach us, to bring us the experience that creates greater wisdom, joy, peace and harmony. We see in the fulfillment of what You have prepared that we are celebrated. This is our destiny — to move into celebration and know consciously that every moment, condition and circumstance in which we find ourselves is one that causes fulfillment and causes us to wake up in our beauty, our grace, and our majesty. There is nothing in this world, no negativity or hurt, nothing that can be done, that can ever interfere with Your will that we come home.

In the coming home, we are joined with all, and all look upon us in celebration. So we experience the songs of joy, the dance that is our true movement. We find it is right here, right now, in this place, in this life. And we give thanks.

We give thanks for this gathering and another beautiful day of Your creation. We celebrate the meaning of this day that represents how, through You, all things are made new. We open ourself and let go of all things we do not need, that do not serve our consciousness for the highest good. As we let go, we are letting all of Your wisdom, grace and beauty flood into every aspect of who we are, so we are cleansed and purified. We are completed through Your blessings.

We have an experience of a brand new day, a dawning, and what we see before us is the makings of heaven on earth: a life that is full of health, wealth, and happiness, loving, caring and sharing and all of Your riches, Your wealth, Your prosperity, Your abundance that is to be shared this day. We ask that this blessing may go out all around the planet so those who are ready, those who are chosen in this moment, and whenever that may be, may awaken to this blessing, and live in this blessing, as we do in our heart and soul, fulfilling the commandment to love one another as You have loved us.

Baruch Bashan