Awakenings to the Blessings

For the past few months, my friend, Jean Willard, and I have been holding our MSIA home seminars on Friday afternoons.  We indulge in a couple of salads somewhere first, and then enjoy sharing the teachings of John-Roger at Jean’s home.  Our seminars have been a wonderful respite from the week and an inspiration for the weekend to come.  I treasure our times together, as does Jean.

A little over a month ago, Jean had surgery to replace a ruptured mitral valve.  So our Friday seminar time was interrupted while she was hospitalized. Even so, I visited Jean each Friday afternoon and shared that special time with her as best I could.

A couple of weeks ago, Jean moved to a rehabilitation center to continue her recovery.  I’ve continued to visit on Fridays, bringing salads as well as other goodies.  Since Jean needs to regain the more than ten pounds she’s lost, I’ve enjoyed supplying Jean with a stash of delectable pastries that she otherwise would not consider consuming.  She often hides her goodies in a drawer near her bed, happily indulging in them late at night when she finds herself awake and hungry.

This past Friday afternoon around 3:00 pm, I brought lunch to Jean along with a box of muffins, breads and other goodies she’d requested.  Jean’s roommate had gone home, and we had the room to ourselves.  Jean wasn’t hungry as she had just eaten lunch.  So she set her goodies aside and we chatted for awhile.  Jean mentioned how grateful she is for her MSIA family (yours truly being blessed to be one of them) as this time of physical challenge has been painful and trying for her.

“Speaking of MSIA family,” I said, “It just so happens that John Morton is scheduled to speak on an internet radio show, right about now.  I don’t know if my cell phone can receive it, but would you like me to try?”

“Of course!” Jean said.

In Spirit’s perfect ways and perfect timing, I connected easily to Awakenings, an internet radio talk show.  To our delight, John Morton was just about to come on the air.  The host, Michele Meiche, introduced John. Then Jean and I enjoyed 90 minutes of John sharing his loving, wise messages, humor and anecdotes about spirit, loving, finding peace within ourselves, and knowing the blessings that we already are.

Since Jean is hard of hearing, I turned up the volume on my cell phone as high as I could and shut the door to the hallway so we wouldn’t be interrupted.  Still, Jean could only hear John’s voice if the phone was right next to her ear.  So I told her to lie down and rest her head on her pillow.  I set the phone on her shoulder, like a baby nuzzling her neck, and she nestled herself in comfortably, soothed by John’s voice right next to her ear.  I pulled up a chair and sat next to Jean by her bedside.  We listened together for the entire interview, lulled by the sweetness and comfort of John’s loving messages of inspiration.

At one point during the interview, I noticed Jean had drifted off.  Her breathing was steady and deep, and she had the most peaceful glow on her face, something I hadn’t seen since before she had become ill.  As John continued to share the teachings of MSIA and answer questions from the host and listeners, Jean drifted in and out, smiling throughout.  I did too.

As the interview came to a close, Jean stretched and shared how much she appreciated the loving comfort of what felt like an MSIA home seminar to both of us.  She then began to indulge in some of the goodies I’d brought, noting how her appetite had been sparked once again.  We shared with each other our gratitude for the synchronicity and wondrous gift of having John’s interview scheduled during our weekly time together and choosing to take the gift presented to us and “tune in.”  Then, while we basked in the afterglow of a palpable peacefulness, a new roommate arrived, wheeled in on a gurney by medical attendants.  The woman seemed disoriented from her ride from the hospital, but quickly settled in and relaxed, probably touched and soothed by the powerful sweetness that now filled the room.

Thank you, John, for serving us in this precious and profoundly helpful way.  As you shared with us in your interview, it’s wonderful to know we can “tune in” to the Spirit by going within anytime we choose. It’s also wonderful to know we can tune in to your words of wisdom and loving guidance by listening to the archive of this terrific interview anytime we choose.

Baruch Bashan

Terilee Wunderman

Loving & Learning by John Morton

Be honest with yourself and educate yourself about loving who you are. Through your unconditional loving and forgiveness of yourself you can move past any self-judgments you have. Each of us has the strength and ability to let go of anything interfering with loving ourselves unconditionally.

As you choose to love yourself unconditionally, there will be learning going on. So ask inside for what will help and assist you as an experience and information to come forward so that the highest learning can take place for you. As you call upon the Spirit, you can let go of negativity and disturbance and whatever is no longer serving you for your highest good. Through your trust and faith, you can let go, knowing those disturbances are dissolved and cleared through the Light and love.

Baruch Bashan

Spirit and our Humanness by John Morton

Inside of you, in the Spirit, is the place of highest regard and adoration towards you. It’s the place of the Lord, the God of us all. It’s amazing that we would cut ourself off from the awareness of that divine presence, but it’s very human. It’s part of our ordinariness.

In our humanness, we may function in judgment, disillusionment, and disturbance. Knowing that about ourselves, we can raise our consciousness by treating it like a wayward child. Rather than punishing or being harsh with yourself, do those things that are loving towards yourself. Do them for the glory of the Spirit within you. Love yourself as a testimony to the Lord, as the beloved child of God that you are.

Baruch Bashan

Our Spiritual Nature by John Morton

     People often ask me how they can love themselves unconditionally, regardless of what they have done or how they think or feel.  When we realize our spiritual nature, we have a better way of looking at what we do as human beings.  By remembering who we are spiritually, we can more easily be loving and accepting towards ourselves and all that comes forward in our lives.  So, I suggest that as we start out and complete with each day, we take the opportunity to engage ourselves inwardly in the Spirit first. 
     When we choose to realize ourselves spiritually, we find ourselves functioning according to the laws of Spirit — acceptance, cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm and empathy.  There is an aligning of how we are intending ourselves spiritually, as souls who are one with God.  A key is to appreciate with gratitude whatever comes your way.  Everything has value. Nothing needs to be different from what it is, including you.  Yet, in this world, change is constant.  While living in the world and coping with change may be challenging, you can learn to align with and practice how to apply the laws of Spirit and love it all.

     Baruch Bashan