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Download a PDF version of You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us .

This book can assist you in a number of ways.  You can read it from start to finish as you may find clarification, direction or inspiration at any point.  You might be grappling with a challenge in a certain area of your life, turn to a related section in the book, and gain value.  Or you could simply open to any page and see what message it may hold for you.  However you use this book, the real key is just that: to use it. Check it out and see if it helps you discover just how life is filled with blessings and, in fact, you are the blessings. (from You Are the Blessings)

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You Are the Blessings: Reflection on Listening

You Are the Blessings: Reflection on Listening from wundermom7 on Vimeo.

You Are the Blessings – Meditation

You Are the Blessings – An Introduction

In January, 2000, when I first heard John Morton speak about his new book, “The Blessings Already Are,” we hadn’t yet met. So when I asked him to sign my copy, I didn’t expect to receive more than his signature.

“You are the Blessings of abundance and ever-increasing joy,” John wrote with words I had never considered using to describe myself. I smiled and gave a polite “Thank you,” while dismissing his words as nothing more than an author’s kind thought. As much as I would have liked to think of myself as “the Blessings,” and of “abundance and ever-increasing joy” no less, it hadn’t occurred to me that I already am the blessings or that anyone would ever think of me in that way.
In spite of my skepticism, I asked John to sign another copy of his book. I explained to him that I planned to leave the second book in the waiting room of my psychology practice. I thought that when people came to see me, it might be helpful for them to consider the blessings already are. Perhaps the book would be of comfort and assistance in our work together. To myself, I thought that maybe others would come to know they are the blessings even when I struggled with the idea. Leaving “The Blessings Already Are” in the waiting room could be a blessing in and of itself.
With a twinkle in his eye, John wrote, “You are the Blessings of patience as you wait upon the Lord.” This time I laughed wholeheartedly. Now when my patients would read “The Blessings Already Are,” they would be reminded they are the blessings of patience. And upon whom they are waiting is the Lord, the Beloved One within us all — including me. I smiled within as I realized that I too am the blessings of patience in my choosing to wait upon and serve the Lord in each one — including me.
“That’s very good!” I said. “Thank you!” I walked away from the booksigning with a tickle of joy in my heart and a sense of wonder for the blessings yet to come.
A few months later, “The Blessings Already Are” disappeared from my waiting room. I replaced it, and I replaced it again and again, many times over. It has become a staple in my office much like the light bulbs that illuminate the room. Time and again, people express their gratitude for discovering “The Blessings Already Are,” even if they have spent only a few minutes experiencing the goodness. As I have learned, awareness of the blessings can happen in a single moment.
Although “abundance and ever-increasing joy” had once existed outside the realm of my self-description, I have come to know I am those blessings. It has just been a matter of asking within and allowing myself to receive what already is. I realize now that John, in his special way of looking for the good, saw something in me back then that I had yet to discover. From my gratitude and ever-increasing joy, I am honored to have helped John create and share his latest book, “You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.”
“You Are the Blessings” serves as a loving reminder of all that God provides. May you read it and know that you too are the blessings of abundance and ever-increasing joy. — Terilee Wunderman