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I read recently that the word light is found in more than one hundred places in the Old Testament of the Bible. I am particularly taken by the reference in the third verse of the first book, Genesis: “Let there be light.” Can you imagine God mulling over the Creation and deciding to have light as a major component of life in this world?

If God chose to “let” the light be, was there also a choice present to not let there be light? The choice to let there be light is fundamental to our own daily creations. As we encounter this world of shadows and reflections, we have the choice to let the Light of revelation illumine our consciousness to the reality of our experiences.

When you allow yourself to increase your consciousness with the Light, you are also clarifying illusions and protecting yourself from negative input. That probably sounds good to you and, perhaps, even familiar. Then the question is, why aren’t you able to maintain the presence of the Light for the highest good?

The simplest answer would be that you are human. Humans-as much as we might intend otherwise-by our nature turn from the Light. Be grateful that we are always free to choose into the Light.

Here is an example of a choice I made while traveling on a trans-Atlantic flight with my family, including my then-baby daughter, Claire. A passenger across the aisle became irritated and complained to the flight attendants because Claire had been making “too much noise.” (You can probably appreciate that children in their tremendous freedom of expression can also be perceived as a source of irritation.) As the irritation was brought to our attention, I had an opportunity to react negatively or to choose more into the Light.

In my humanity, the negative choices were presented right along with the positive ones. Do I hug the man or challenge him to put up his dukes? With the Light comes the altitude to see every aspect of a situation. I know that peace is present in the absence of againstness. That is very nice, but what do I do when there is againstness present?

In this case, I decided to face it directly. I got up from my seat and walked up to the man in the midst of another round of his complaining to a flight attendant. Once I had his attention, I introduced myself as the father of the baby and asked him what he would like us to do differently. Amazingly, his response was, “Nothing.” I told him we had been doing everything we knew to take care of her.

He asked, “Could you make her more quiet?”

“Do you want us to tape her mouth or give her a shot?” I responded.

“No. But when my children fly, they are quiet,” was his reply.

I said, “Then you must have perfect children.”

“Not by a long shot,” was the man’s response.

I said, “If you would like us to do something different, please let us know.” He thanked me.

By the time I had sat down from my brief talk with the man, Claire was quiet, having been lulled into one of those beautiful slumbers that often would accompany feeding at her mother’s breast.

Later, the flight attendant who had taken the most recent complaint thanked me and said that what I did really helped. Then another flight attendant came up to us and stated that she had discussed the situation with the other flight attendants. She related that their point of view was that Claire was really delightful and hadn’t been a real problem. They didn’t understand why the man was so bothered. She wanted to console us, and she also wanted to console herself, which is understandable. But what about the man?

It would have been easy to move into criticism with the flight attendant, to categorize him negatively for choosing so negatively in relation to my delightful child, who obviously (at least to me) was doing the best she could under the circumstances. However, with the altitude of the Light, I could also see that the man was doing the best he could do under the circumstances. His circumstances were obviously difficult if he found it necessary to be upset with an innocent child who didn’t consciously know there was any choice to be quiet.

But what about his innocent child, the one within him? How about sending the Light to lift him and teach him what he needs to learn? The Light was sent to all of us and especially to him.

Later, as I was writing, I could see that the man, too, was quiet while in a beautiful slumber that comes by feeding upon Spirit.

How often have you drawn false conclusions from what was apparent from your perceptions? How often have you reacted strongly to a situation only to later realize you had better choices?

If we took a poll of people who are willing to honestly evaluate their lives, we would likely find that the overwhelming majority are bypassing the better choices. How do you determine the better choices or even the best choice so that you then make it? Spiritually, we can call ourselves forward to the Light for the highest good of all concerned.

It’s been said that we teach what we need to learn. It’s even more important to demonstrate what we know. We demonstrate the Light by first knowing the Light. We can know the Light by experience. With greater experience comes enlightenment.

Wherever you find yourself, you can always choose or ask to have your best intentions revealed. The Light, among other good and wonderful things, does just that. This is all very simple. It can be easy if you will just let the Light radiate through your being and keep your intention on the Light for the highest good of all concerned. And when you forget, you can remind yourself by doing an invocation of the Light in your imagination or by a prayer.

Letting there be Light means being open to what the Light reveals. Right now, open yourself to the Light for the highest good of all concerned. Let go of attachments to the past, to what you think or feel is so, and be open to brand-new experiences of what is present. Moment to moment, day in and day out, be open to new experiences by not attaching yourself to the past.

Do you realize that the Light is overflowing with the power to transform all situations to the highest good of all concerned? We all have a full-time occupation to keep ourselves present with the Light so the greatest good and only good can manifest. That means the greatest good is already present and is simply awaiting us to choose back or forward or any way the Light is directed.

Isn’t it amazing that each of us always has the choice of the Light for the highest good and nothing but good in every way? “In the beginning, . . . God said, ‘Let there be light.'”1 Let us begin again in the Light now.

Baruch Bashan.

1. Genesis 1:1-3


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