A Blessing of Invoking the Light

Blessing by John Morton

Here is a blessing or an invocation that I refer to as calling in the Light or calling forward the Light. It is a process that is made sacred more through our intention than any other way. In other words, the form or the content of the blessing is secondary to our intention toward the action of “blessing.”

Just now, become more aware of that contact with the Source of Light inside of you, that yet again we are calling it forward through the Father-Mother God that is the Source of Light, that Source which brings forward the highest good of all concerned.

We ask for the Light first for ourselves, that we clear ourselves on all levels, surrounding, filling, and protecting ourselves with this Light. As we hold for this Light, we ask for the consciousness of the Holy Spirit through God’s divine nature to extend this blessing,

We next bless this land. We see this Light anchoring into the very core of the earth. It is a beautiful, radiant Light, illuminating all that is dark, penetrating the densest substances, radiating as a beautiful energy above the land, and blessing all the people and situations on the land.

This Light illuminates the darkness of consciousness anywhere there is pain or disturbance. And especially, Lord, we ask that you go into each consciousness where darkness is stored, hidden by the unconsciousness, that as the darkness was illuminated through your Beloved, once again we make that claim.

We restore the Spirit in each body, regenerating the consciousness of living love, so that each person is blessing himself or herself and all those around, so that each person in their own way awakens to the Light.

We see the places where there is hunger and disturbance being taken care of in their need.

We see a clarifying and purifying of the land, so there is greater and greater beauty and cleanliness in the order of living love.

We, each one of us, hold this consciousness of the Light, anchoring it for all. We offer ourselves once again as servants of the Light, that we are instruments of God’s love and acceptance.

We walk in this consciousness wherever we go.

We continuously lift and we are lifted.

We are grateful for this opportunity to be of service. And when we are asked, “Whom do we serve?” we are free in our consciousness to say, “We serve the Lord.”

Baruch Bashan.

A Blessing of Invoking the Light

About the Author: John Morton

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