A Blessing of Liberation

Blessing by John Morton

Lord, we do ask for your blessing, extending through us as a gift.

As those who extend in your purpose to express your blessings, we ask that you visit each of us personally at this time, to work with us in our relationship to this world.

We ask that you bring your great Light that is the Holy Spirit, through the one we know as Lord of us all, to sit down with us, to visit us where we live, to look in every corner, every aspect of what we have created.

We ask this through all that has been created, that we have a balancing here and now, a lifting of what is no longer necessary, and a placement of your grace.

We claim the debts are paid, through this action of your Beloved that comes in and sits with us now, that we are the Beloved, and we do partake of these blessings, the lifting of the debt.

We claim the healing, the balancing for ourselves, for those we have entangled through unnecessary actions.

And now we claim that you are liberating us again and straightening our consciousness, so that we live according to what is true, what is your love and is unconditional to all. We set this purpose supreme, carrying it in our hearts, sanctifying our dedication, acting upon our devotion anew, putting aside our attachments and our distractions, bringing us to our wisdom that we will act true to our divine nature, that we will find the direct way you have placed before us, the clarity, the strength, and the knowledge.

We give thanks that you fill our hearts, that we affirm with our breath in each moment. We breathe in the blessings. We breathe out our gifts, our sacrifice, willingly, openly, and freely unto all. Increase us evermore, that we may expand past all limitation, finding ourselves transcending and knowing ourselves in the Soul.

We accept your patience, the patience that always endures and overcomes.

We accept your peace, the peace that is the understanding that it is done.

Baruch Bashan.

A Blessing of Liberation

About the Author: John Morton

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