A Blessing of Upliftment

Blessing by John Morton

Dear God, beloved friend to us all, we ask for your blessing, that we are open to receive and we are open to give.

And we take a moment to let go of our own concerns, that we may find what your concerns are for the highest good.

So we ask that we are lifted, as needed, to see the good in all things and all people. We extend this into whatever has happened. We ask to be fully present here in this place, that we can be glad for whatever is our lot, for all the circumstances in our life.

We may consider situations about our health, our living conditions, the bills we pay, those people in our life we are close to, and especially those who bring us our lessons and anywhere we find misunderstanding, confusion, or hurt.

We open ourselves up now to be ministered unto by the Holy Spirit through the consciousness of the Christ, the one you have anointed to touch to us all, to be an example.

We ask to be an example, that we can demonstrate the ability that is your gift and your blessing, to go forward into this world knowing all is a gift. And when we do not understand, we ask that we are comforted, that we know you enfold us, you embrace us, you walk with us all along the way.

We may need to be shown again and again how to let go, to give up those things that attach us or bind us. Bring in the resonation of the spirit of freedom.

We ask that we can laugh more, smile more, enjoy life more to the fullest extent that can be bestowed, and that we have the wit to live in this way.

Right now, if you can show each one of us what we can do personally to shift ourselves, to make ourselves more available to your purpose, to your will being done, we ask that this be done.

And if a consciousness can be brought forward in whatever way will serve to assist, to hold with us, to remind us of what we are to do in each and every situation, we give thanks for this blessing.

Barush Bashan

A Blessing of Upliftment

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